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Please note that shipping fees are not covered in the Mystery box prizes. Shipping is an external expense that is paid for a third party provider to ship and deliver your items to your doors' steps. Meaning that, if you have won a physical product that needs shipping, you're the one to handle that expense not us!

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Very smooth, responsive, and professional!

Rebel D.

Love it! 42 gems which permits me to enjoy the 3 drops of this week.

Idris M.

It was easy and a good experiance with fun! Im gonna go for the OMI next time!

Peter B.

I’m new to this but the team was super responsive and helpful.

Pahoua L.

If you missed the drop and looking for another blind box experience, look no further!

Ahmed M.

I enjoyed it enough that I bought another! In all seriousness, if you're a VeVe-holic like me, this is a no-brainer, have fun!

Tony S.

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Up to 50,000 OMI GIVEAWAYS

VeVeholic hosts OMI giveaways at the end of each 50 mystery orders cycle! If, for example, the current order is #49, the order #50 instantly wins up to 50,000 OMI tokens and will end the current cycle. Wondering how to join the giveaway? Simply order more mystery boxes so you can be order number fifty! (Boxes eligible for the giveaway are Veveholic & Legendary only).

You Could Be The Winner Of 50K OMI

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