What Can I Win in My VeVe NFT Mystery Box?

At VeVe Holic, the best NFT marketplace, we love providing you with licensed, one-of-a-kind digital collectibles and endless VeVe merch. Unlock gifts and rewards with our VeVe Mystery Box! What can you expect to find in your NFT mystery box? Read on to find out, and browse our collections of VeVe merchandise!

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How Our VeVe Mystery Boxes Work

If you’re excited as us about our NFT mystery box, you should start by knowing what to expect. Our VeVe Mystery Boxes are virtual boxes full of plenty of surprises and gifts. When you order your NFT mystery box, you will receive a QR code in your email shortly after. From there, you can use the QR code to reveal what is in your very own VeVe Mystery box!

Omillionaire T-Shirt


VeVe Holic has a vast collection of shirts in our merch store for you to try your hand at winning in a mystery box. Our personal favorite is the VeVe Master Collector T-Shirt, but you’ll have to wait to find out if you will win it.

VeVeHolic Logo Mug


What way to show your love of VeVe Holic by sipping your morning coffee in one of our classic logo mugs? You could even win a Marvel or DC inspired mug in your NFT mystery box. Much like our Spiderman mug, you can spend your day “Swinging on VeVe” when you purchase a VeVe Mystery Box! When you win a physical gift, we’ll send you a coupon code to order it through our online store.

Go Yellow NFTs

In-App Gems & NFTs

And the best prizes of all that you may find in our mystery box are In-App Gems and NFTs! We have a vast collection of digital artworks for OMI and VeVe lovers. What could be better than revealing a new one-of-a-kind digital collectible when you open your mystery box? 

Celebrate your love of VeVe with the VeVe Mystery Box and unlock new merchandise and NFTs.  Shop today!

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