• Amateur | Virtual VeVe Mystery Box

Amateur | Virtual VeVe Mystery Box

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Virtual VeVe Mystery Box – Amateur Level

VeVe Mystery Boxes are virtual boxes that unlock different gifts and rewards. It's not a physical product that needs to be shipped or sent to you, and here's exactly how it works:

  1.  First, you buy one of the available mystery boxes.
  2.  We will generate a unique QR code and send it to you via email.
  3.  You will scan the code using your mobile phone and reveal your prizes.
  4.  We will follow up with you to guide you on redeeming your rewards.


Amateur VeVe Mystery Box Prizes

This mystery box rewards you with 1 prize only of the following available prizes:

  • VeVe/ECOMI T-Shirt
  • VeVe/ECOMI Coffee Mug
  • VeVe In-App Gems
  • VeVe Collectibles (NFTs)

Please note that shipping fees are not covered in the mystery box prizes. Shipping is an external expense that is paid by a third-party provider to ship and deliver your items to your doors' steps. Meaning that, if you have won a physical product that needs shipping, you're the one to handle that expense, not us!


Although we don't allow order returns, we are pretty confident that you'll love our products and would be proud to own them! The reason is, products are printed and shipped from our warehouses based on your demand. However, if by any chance you receive a wrong product/variant, or even a broken item, we'll make it up for you! Mistakes just happen, no worries! Rest assured if you don't like something or are not satisfied with the final product that you receive, we have our own ways in satisfying and cheering you up... 💪😎


If you're from the United States, FREE SHIPPING is automatically applied on all of your orders that are above $149.99! Being said, since we sell custom-made products and items, shipping involves two stages:

- Production period: Which is the period needed to produce and print your products. This period varies from a product to one product to another, but most of the time our products are ready to ship in 3 days!

- Shipping period: Which is the period needed to ship and transfer your actual products. This period also varies from product-to-product; based on demand and shipping location.

We ship from our warehouses & factories located in the USA & Canada, or Europe. So, please expect your items to be shipped separately (if you order more than one item) as different factories specialise in different areas of manufacturing.

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