FREE OMI Giveaway

VeVeholic hosts cycle-based OMI giveaways that allow you to win up to 50K OMI tokens!

Each cycle consists of 50 orders and once order #50 triggers, the cycle will repeat and the counting will start from number one again!

If, for example, the current order is #49, the order #50 instantly wins up to 50,000 OMI tokens and will end the current cycle.

We dedicate a certain percentage of our sales revenue for our OMI giveaway. Therefore, the amount of OMI tokens won is determined by the sales cycle of the prior 30-day period of the giveaway.

Wondering how to join the giveaway? Simply order more mystery boxes so you can be order number fifty!

(Boxes eligible for the giveaway are Veveholic & Legendary only!)

Check out our available VeVe Mystery Boxes for a chance to win a 50K OMI bag.

Disclaimer: Please note that shipping fees are not covered in the Mystery box prizes. Shipping is an external expense that is paid for a third party provider to ship and deliver your items to your doors' steps. Meaning that, if you have won a physical product that needs shipping, you're the one to handle that expense not us!

Learn more about our shipping policy here.

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