How It Works

VeVe Mystery Boxes are virtual boxes that unlock different gifts and rewards. It's not a physical product that needs to be shipped or sent to you, and here's exactly how it works:

Once you place your order on one of our available mystery boxes, we will start generating a unique QR code and send it to you via email. This process takes up to a couple of hours, depending on the volume of orders in queue at the time of placing your order.

After we finish generating your unique QR code and send it to you via email, you would need to go ahead and scan it with your mobile phone using one of the available QR code scanners out there.

The one free and the easiest app to use that we usually recommend to our customers is (QR Code Reader).

Once you scan your code, your prize will instantly be revealed in a text form on your screen. 

NOTE: Please note that your code is available for one use only, and it will become invalid after it is scanned! It’s not advisable to scan the same code twice as our orders are manually fulfilled, so that would be pointless!

Finally, we will follow up with you to guide you on how to redeem your special prizes.

If, for example, you have won a t-shirt, mug, or any other tangible product from our website, your 100% free coupon code will be included in the greeting message of scanning your code.

On the other hand, if you have won in-app gems or NFTs, further communication would be needed so we know where to transfer your free rewards at!

Communication is key, and in fact, that's what sets us apart from others! 

Your satisfaction is what we are going after and you are not left in the dark at any stage of shopping with us!


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